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avoid burning coils

Why Does Your Coil Burn and How Can You Avoid It? 

Almost every seasoned vaper has experienced a coil burn –  it creates the foulest tasting vapor imaginable and can be harmful. In order to avoid burning your coil, you first need to understand what actually causes it.

Whenever you press the fire button on your e-cigarette, electricity is converted into heat energy in the metal coil. This is surrounded by a cotton wick which holds on to e-liquid. As the metal coil heats up, the e-liquid is evaporated and comes out as vapor. If there is not enough e-liquid in the cotton wick it will overheat and a burnt taste will become apparent. There are several ways you can easily avoid this.

Prepare Properly

When you change a coil you need to prepare it properly or else it will burn instantly. A new coil means that the wick is completely dry. It needs to be soaked before you can use the e-cigarette – it can take about five minutes before you can start vaping. In theory waiting would you allow your coil to be adequately soaked but how can you be sure?

When refilling after a coil change, simply drip some of your e-liquid directly on to the wick. It doesn’t take more than a few drops and will take no time at all. If you find this too fiddly then try taking some dry drags. Take care with this method because if you overdo it, you can flood your tank. It is still best practice to wait around five minutes because a dry coil will instantly burn and ruin your device.

Chain Vaping

The biggest problem with coils burning out comes from the lack of e-liquid in the wick. If you continually vape without regular breaks you will use e-liquid faster than it can be replaced. To stop your coil burning out from over use simply take a short five minute break every now and then in order to allow the wick to become re-soaked.

Power Setting

Higher wattages mean that you will use more e-liquid every time you inhale and this can lead to the wick drying out. As you vape more the wick will struggle to soak up enough e-liquid quickly. When this happens, the wick will become dry and your coil will burn. Decreasing power will ensure that your e-cigarette does not use e-liquid too quickly and that the wick doesn’t burn.

Top Up the Tank

Having a low level of e-liquid in your tank means that the wick is exposed, so it becomes dry and begins to burn. The e-liquid has to be at a certain level to reach the wick, when it drops below this level it will begin to burn. The lower the level, the more problems it can cause.


Some e-liquids use a lot of sweetener to create the flavor profile. However, this can ruin your coils through caramelization. As the sugar heats it will turn into a grimy caramel that will ruin your coil and stop it from soaking up more e-liquid. This problem is especially prevalent among dessert flavored e-liquids. The only option when this happens is to replace the coil and change e-liquid.

Avoid High VG Content

The base of all e-liquids is a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The quantities of each differs between e-liquids. PG and VG also have different properties – VG is much thicker than PG. This means it doesn’t get soaked up by the coil as easily. Avoiding high concentrations of VG will ensure your coil can always soak enough e-liquid up to prevent it from burning.

Temperature Control

Turning down wattage is one way to stop a coil burning but temperature control is even more effective. It measures changes in resistance when the coil is heated up. It allows you to set a maximum temperature that the device will not exceed. Even if the coil runs dry there is no possibility of it burning because the internal circuitry closely monitors the temperature. Buying a temperature controlled vape is the ultimate way of stopping coils burning.

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