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Most annoying vaper habits

The Most Annoying Vaper Habits

Vaping has been slowly gathering momentum over the last few years. More people than ever identify with the term vaper but some are doing more harm than good. Having a wide user base makes e-cigarettes accessible to all but some sections of society have developed a negative impression of vaping. These people have not just harbored opposition to e-cigarettes for the sake of it, for them it is about the people who vape. Even other vapers are annoyed by the behavior of some of us. Here are some of the most annoying vaper habits.

Chase Clouds

Cloud chasing is hugely popular in vape shops, in fact in some areas it is actually becoming a competitive form of vaping but doing it in public is just annoying. Any vaping can upset some non-users but nothing worries them as much as cloud chasers.  Continuing to chase clouds can be offensive and intrusive. There is no need to do this in public – save it for the confines of your home or local vape shop.

Blowing Vapor in Faces

Is it really too much trouble to avoid other people when you exhale? For some annoying vapers it is. While not as bad as blowing smoke straight into someone’s eyes, it’s pretty darn close. Keep your vapor going down to the ground and you will stop annoying passers-by.

Not Asking Permission

There are fewer rules about vaping than smoking, which means many vapers need to use a common sense approach. For most, this would mean asking for permission before vaping but not for the annoying vaper. If you go somewhere new just ask what the rules are before you take your e-cigarette out.


Constantly taking stealth hits from your e-cigarette is the opposite of discreet. Stealth vaping is for situations where you can vape but don’t want to draw attention. However, annoying vapers try and be stealthy everywhere. It isn’t really appropriate to vape in a doctor’s office, grocery store or bus but annoying vapers will still try to have a stealthy hit.


Very few vapers like eating and vaping, it is pretty inappropriate and rude to other diners but this doesn’t stop annoying vapers doing it. They will even carry on after complaints, which make them even more annoying. If you must vape after a meal wait until everyone is done or leave the room, don’t make other people’s meals a vapor nightmare from which there is no escape.

Lecturing Others

There are at least three types of preachy vaper habits and all are annoying. The first is the one who sees someone smoking a cigarette and will do anything to get in their face and tell them how much better vaping is for their health. These people will literally sprint across freeways just to tell someone to quit smoking. As a vaper you can be proud of yourself but that doesn’t mean you need to tell all one billion smokers in the world. If they ask questions, answer them but don’t seek them out and tell them about e-cigarettes, it is just annoying. 

Snobs are another one of the preachy vaper habits. They will go up to other vapers and openly criticize their setup. Some people are happy with an eGo or even a cigalike – just because you only use sub ohm mods doesn’t mean the way they vape is wrong. Each to their own and all that.

The final type of preachy, annoying vaper is the one who dismisses anyone else’s concerns. When someone complains about inhaling second hand vapor instead of stopping they carry on but break each inhale up with a sentence about how uninformed the non-vaper is. These vapers also like to mock people who complain about the smell. Sure that e-liquid may smell like a fresh summer’s day to you, but we don’t all smell everything the same way.


This issue is far from straightforward; some vapers believe it is never appropriate to vape around children while others think it is ok but depends on the place. Hanging around a playground and vaping is just not on but most would agree its fine to vape while you wait to pick kids up outside a public park. There is no hard and fast rule to this but again, using common sense will show you where it is and isn’t acceptable to vape.

Which vaper habits annoy you the most? Share it in the comments and on our social media pages.

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Michael Grey

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