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A consumer revolution

A Consumer Revolution

“E-Cigarettes are a consumer driven revolution” said Hon Lik, the infamous inventor of the first functional device. And e-cigarettes are, they react to what the market wants, they have also encouraged new groups to join in this revolution. Not only are these devices used as smoking alternatives and quitting aids, there is also a new bunch of enthusiasts using nicotine free vape juice seeking big clouds and nothing more. The market could top $7 Billion in the next year and it doesn’t look like growth is slowing. But how are people and not companies driving this industry on and making changes?

Online Community

The speed with which e-cigarettes have galvanized an entire community and turned them into vapers is a testament to the power of the internet. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of vapers use forums on a regular basis to discuss everything even vaguely related to vaping.

No other online forums have such weight over an industry. Even car forums which used to be the most popular of all the online forum types don’t have the same influence over manufacturers. But in many cases e-cig companies will respond and react to the forum requests made of them. And this is far from being the only way that consumers have changed the game.

In the world of tobacco online forums that rave about patches or gum just don’t exist. But look through any vaping forum and you will be inundated with enthusiasts singing the praises of these devices and the role they played in helping them to ditch regular tobacco. It is the willingness of this community to shout the praises of e-cigs that makes them such a remarkable force for change. This is arguably the greatest form of advertising. A smoker can log on to any of these forums and see the passion these people speak with – it will certainly make them consider the switch. It is this facet that has driven the huge growth in the market and made it into a multi-billion dollar industry. But changes to the industry go way beyond its growth.


Part of the online community is made up of DIY modders. These enthusiasts alter their set up to create a vaporizer that is perfect for what they need. The changes they make are endless. From bigger tanks, custom heating elements, bigger batteries – the amount of changes they make to create the vapor that they enjoy the most.

But these modifications are no longer limited to hardline enthusiasts tinkering with the components in their bedrooms. Many small companies have sprung up to meet the needs of these consumers who demand a personalized vaping experience. You can buy any part customized and assemble it yourself. There are even websites that exist to offer you parts and let you build and order your perfect device. This level of professional customization is incredible. And it has all come about because vapers demanded it.

Reaction To Government

Governments all around the world are trying to regulate the use of e-cigs. And meeting stiff opposition from enthusiasts. Currently in Europe the EU is trying to ban some tank sizes, bottle sizes and limit nicotine content in vape juice. The opposition from vapers is staunch. Totally Wicked which is the leading UK e-cig manufacturer is suing the EU over the proposals. Totally Wicked is not a massive corporation, its market share is not that big but the support it gets in its lawsuit has been immense. This demonstrates the support that vapers have for the industry and the genuine belief that these products are helping create a tobacco-free world.


The number of studies into the effects of e-cigarettes has been incredibly low, throughout their existence. But more and more of the studies are proving to be positive and are not reported. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is a respected Greek cardiologist who has led several studies into the effects of e-cigarettes. He is a regular commenter on As well as him this website exists to share the information as and when it is available. Very few other consumer products have such a set-up to share health implications and benefits.

The commitment to this industry from its consumers is immense – it is like no other consumer product whatsoever. This is why this whole change in habits is utterly fascinating and is so often referred to as a consumer revolution.

Do you think e-cigarettes are an example of consumers changing the market? Or is it business reacting as usual? Let us know your thoughts on our social media pages.

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Michael Grey

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