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things not say to vapers

12 things you should never say to a vaper

When anyone gets out an e-cigarette it seems to bring out the worst in other people. Unfortunately, vapers around the world are continually subject to comments that are enough to make the blood boil. From misconceptions about exploding e-cigarettes to simple exclamations of disgust, there are a million different ways that people express it. Here are just a few of our favorite – or least favorite, as the case may be – things you should never say to a vaper, unless you really want to get under their skin.

  1. “I thought you’d quit smoking”

That’s funny, because so did everyone else. This comment can usually be answered with just a little bit of common sense knowledge that vapers of all levels are blessed with – smoking and vaping are not the same thing.

  1. “Aren’t you scared it will explode?”

You can’t really blame people for this one. There’s been so much scaremongering in the mainstream media about exploding vapes that you could be forgiven for thinking all e-cigarettes spontaneously combust the moment you look at them. Fortunately, you can remedy this ignorance the second anyone says this.

  1. “That stuff’s really harmful…”

Armchair experts are insufferable, especially when they’re trying to lecture you on something you clearly have more knowledge of. Phrases like this are usually followed up with:

  1. “…It’s worse than smoking.”

While sometimes it can be difficult to stop yourself from launching into a rant, it’s important to remember there’s a time and a place for everything. And, standing in the middle of the street with virtual strangers isn’t the place – no matter how annoying they’re being.

  1. “What about all the chemicals in those things?”

What people fail to realize is that not all e-juices are made the same way. While we know that some are made with hard to pronounce chemicals that can be harmful, not all of them are. When it comes to comments like this, it’s up to vapers to educate – so brush up on that ingredients list of your favorite vape liquid and be well prepared.

  1. “Aren’t those things ridiculously expensive?”

We hate to admit it – but vaping can get a little pricey now and again. Nevertheless, it’s nobody’s business what others choose to do with their money. So this is yet another useless comment that would be better left unsaid.

  1. “My cousin’s, nephew’s, sister’s, great uncle died from those things.”

A lot of people say things to this effect. Even better is when they add in something that sounds like it came directly from an urban legend. Their aim is to scare you into submission, but it very rarely works the way they intend. Usually it will just make a vaper laugh.

  1. “What’s the point?”

Retort with a quick ‘what’s the point of anything?’ and you’ll probably stop this conversation dead in its tracks. If it doesn’t, just calmly explain that what you do with your own time and body is totally up to you.

  1. “Does that really taste good?”

It’s alarming how often people say this kind of thing. We’re not sure why people think vapers would continue to vape if it didn’t taste good. Plus, a lot of e-juices smell good to – so there’s really no excuse for this kind of dim-witted questioning.

  1. “Stop smoking.”

There are still people who think vaping and smoking are the same thing, and they’re the worst kind of people. But, people who say this particular phrase are not only getting a basic concept confused – they’re also inadvertently telling you what you should be doing with your life. It’s a double whammy of annoying.

  1. “Just quit cold turkey.”

The idea of going ‘cold turkey’ is thrown around a lot. It’s usually bounced around most by people who have never tried to quit anything in their lives, let alone tobacco.

  1. “Eww.”

This one is simple but effective in the ‘extremely annoying phrases’ stakes. People who say this don’t seem to realize there’s a solution to their disgust – just move away and ignore it. Simple enough, you’d think, but that doesn’t often stop people!  

We know this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the ridiculous comments vapers have to put up with. So, what’s the worst thing someone’s ever said to you?


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