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What type of vaper are you

The 10 different types of vapers

The vaping community is like a microcosm of the world. It’s full of diverse people with differing opinions and often clashing personalities. But, despite the many differences, there is one thing that unites us – our love of vaping. Here are just a few of the different types of vapers that you’ll encounter.

The hardcore vaper

Vaping is their life. And they let everyone know. It’s a bit like when a couple has their first child. Suddenly, anything and everything they talk about is the baby. Well, for this kind of vaper, their e-cigarette is their baby, and you won’t stop hearing about it.

The cloud chaser

These kinds of vapers are what you might call a ‘bro’. They’re obsessed with clouds. Walking beside them will be like walking through a thick, dense fog. They’ll usually be found brandishing a device with high wattage and a low resistant coil. Cloud chasers are such big fans of the ‘sport’, they’ve even built up their own conventions to do just that.

The ninja

These guys think they’re the James Bond of the vaping world. Stealthy, inconspicuous, a master at disguising their vaping habits. Most of the time they’re just obnoxious. You’ll find these people trying to vape where they shouldn’t – restaurants, airplanes, lecture halls. No matter how ninja-like they think they’re being, you’ll be able to spot them from a mile away.

The flavorist

You’ll never catch a flavorist with the same vape flavor twice. They’re constantly looking out for new things to try, and they’re never happy with the same flavor for long. You’ll find them traversing all the vape shops and online stores in the quest for their perfect e-juice. If you meet this kind of vaper, you should definitely point them in our direction.

The quitters

These are hardcore smokers who have just turned to vaping as a tool to kick their habits. They’re willing to try new things, but they’re not overly invested in vaping. For them vaping is just a means to an end to try and kick their nicotine addiction.

The activist

Also known at the campaigner, these kinds of people are vapers right’s activists. They’ll shout about the benefits of vaping to anyone who will listen. They’ll lambast the latest FDA rulings all day long, and they’ll be the first to speak up about misleading stories in the press. While it’s easy to ridicule the activist, it’s worth remembering that vaping probably wouldn’t be what it is today without them. So, if you’re an activist – we salute you here at Blacknote!

The casual vapers

Not interested in fancy mods or the latest vaping crazes, these kinds of vapers just do it for the love. There not at all up for fancy gimmicks or vaping tricks, they’ll just take your basic e-cig and be happy with it, thank you very much. Don’t try to engage a casual vaper in talk of APVs – they’ll probably just give you a blank look.

The noob

It’s easy to point and laugh at the noob, but in reality we’ve all been there. These types of vapers are just dipping their toes, and they don’t really know what’s what just yet. They’ll probably get the jargon a bit jumbled and be over excited about the most basic of things, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valid members of the community.

The wise old owl

The opposite of the vaping newbie, the wise old owl has been around the block a few times. They’ve seen everything there is to see, and they’ve become a bit of an expert on all things e-cigarettes. They’re always willing to offer tips and advice to new vapers – and they don’t look down on those who don’t know as much as they do.

The vaping snob

Much like the wise old owl, the vaping snob has been using e-cigs for years. Instead of offering a hand of help to those just getting started, however, these types of vapers would rather just look down on everyone else. They’ll usually be found talking about their latest and greatest e-juice, and doing it in a rather condescending tone.

Which types of vapers are your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on social media!
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